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About this channel: SavageShawn is a comedy channel full of crazy and hilarious videos ! We create over the top funny videos for your entertainment! Whether you're looking for a funny joke to get a quick laugh or a epic prank that'll make you sit at the edge of your seat, savageshawn has plenty of awesome prank videos to offer you!

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Elevating Your Funnybone – Avoiding Crass Humor and Humorists

These days it appears humor has been hijacked. When you pay attention to stand-up comedians or view comedies, you obtain the feeling that the writers have actually lacked good ideas in humor, and are currently playing to the base feelings of the crowd. This article encourages you to search in upon your very own sensitivities and also shows you what to search for in searching for humor that is truly stylish and yet amusing.

It's Re-Election Time! Get The Picture?

So while everyone was thinking about the endure troops who ultimately covered Osama Container Laden recently, I was additionally considering whether or not they had a 71-Quebec available with them on that mission (that's Military Talk for “reporter,” or at the very least it utilized to be). I think they have to have, because this week's big news is President Obama's choice not to release the photos that were taken of Dead Terrorist Primary. So given that the worldwide paparazzi corps was active sobering up in London after Will-‘n'-Kate, as well as since civilian “journalists” only take images of automobile goes after and tornado damages (when they can squeeze those points in around their grip-and-grin work at the White House), any photos that existed needed to have actually been taken by some hard-working military reporter …

Right on the Money

Next time somebody passes you a bank note, search! They might be handing you a note– literally.

10 Great Computer, Science and Math T Shirts To Make Your Friends Jealous

If you enjoy science and also math, then you must be right into funny science or mathematics t tee shirts that reflect your special and fun character. Why not make more science and also mathematics buddies and damage the ice with the straightforward logical usage of printing on cotton. It's very easy, it's sophisticated and also it just makes feeling.

Review: TV Procedurals

A testimonial of the cumulative of all TV procedurals and how they influence your life. TELEVISION as a whole needs to be evaluated today as a result of all the shovelware that appears on today's fundamental cable.

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