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FUNNY Wigofellas PRANKS on MOM and Wigofellas PRANKS on Girlfriend, that's the title and that what we are doing today, all coming from your favorite creator Wigofellas TikTok. This time with even more wigofellas pranks tiktok and even more crazy wigo fellas tiktok and wigofellas tik tok videos made just for you, this time on your favorite prank channel wigofellas youtube so if you're a fan of wigo fellas tik tok then please subscribe to youtube wigofellas and for sure you will not regret it! Wigofellas girlfriend known as alexisfeather is coming back to youtube soon so please subscribe to her, if you would like to see even more wigofellas funny pranks and tiktok pranks because she is also posting a lot of tiktok funny videos from wigofellas tiktok youtube channels. This tiktok mashup 2021 is going to blow your mind but that's all i am going to say for now 🙂 These are the best tiktok videos i have ever done during wigofellas 2021 period so if you're looking for the best tiktok videos then this is the right channel for you! Thank you for supporting me you guys are amazing 🙂


Santa Claus Corporation Challenged Due to N1H1 Flu Shot Delays

Because of the huge lines for Influenza Picture at the North Post all the elves operating at the Santa Claus Plaything Factory are much behind timetable. The business has actually asked for aid from the White Residence, however viewing as it is just a United States Region, not a real state, they are not a high concern. As well as a result of the fact that Christmas is no much longer respectful, this has actually been challenging for Santa Claus Firm.

Santa Claus LLC Out of Business Due to Obama Care Health Insurance Costs

Santa Claus recognized now was coming, and also he placed it off as long as feasible, but as the CEO and Chairman of Santa Claus Inc., he had no selection but to submit insolvency in November of 2009. You see, the business credit report markets were tight, and also he simply couldn't make payroll, nor might he obtain the money till the Christmas period mored than when the cash would flow in once again. Over the last few years wellness insurance coverage and also employee's compensation expenses have escalated.

Santa Claus LLC Might Go Out of Business Due to Methane Green House Emission Rules

Evidently, the brand-new Cap and Trade law is creating a have an odor at Santa Claus LLC Toy Manufacturing Facility at the North Post. Why you ask? Well, it appears that methane is an environment-friendly home gas and rainfall deer are big polluters, and also the EPA wishes to great Santa Corp [NYSE icon CHRS). The corporation has actually acquired the brand-new accepted EPA rainfall deer rear-end cover as well as recuperate creates, however they keep diminishing of the rainfall deer in flight, and the FAA is really worried about these occurrences.

Santa Claus LLC Out of Business Due to Terrorist Attack at Christmas North Pole Base

A radicalized Polar Bear was reported intimidating Santa Claus' factory at the North Post, as well as apparently there are lots of them scaring the North Pole Santa Claus LLC Head Quarters, and also this was barely the very first time. You see, they were guaranteed warmer weather by the International Warming Alarmists, and also so they've been having extra children, currently there are way too many Polar Bears in the region and they are lacking seals to consume, so, they are trying to find some even more tasty morsels; Elves.

Achmed the Terrorist – Information From a Fans Point of View

Achmed the terrorist has actually quick turned into one of the funniest points to hit the world, bar none! Here are some Achmed notes to read from a followers viewpoint – delight in and cheer up your day, no matter where you are in the world. Achmed the terrorist is funny past contrast.

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