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British Scientist Sacked Over “Earth Goes Around Sun” Claim

This is a ridiculing write-up. The events are make believe. Discouragement appears in Britain as the country's “Truth Tsar” is sacked by a federal government annoyed by his persistence on realities.

Subjugating Humanity Part Two – Banks, Corporations and Invisible Chains

This is a SATIRE a SATIRICAL article and not suggested to be taken seriously. It complies with on from “Subjugating Mankind Part One. All referrals in it are fictitious. From: Earth study ship “Look Dynamic” To: Mission Operations, Arcturus IX Subject: Summary of analysis of Earth's political system – part 2: record returned to.

Subjugating Humanity Part One – Who is Running Earth?

This is a SATIRE write-up and also not indicated to be taken serious. All referrals in it are comprised as well as make believe and also do not in reality exist. After break of several months I have actually been getting again fragments of interactions between an orbiting Arcturan study ship as well as its base in the Arcturus system. I have done my finest with the translation as well as use it to you currently for your consideration. The translation reads as follows.

If a Man's Home is His Castle, Why is There Potpourri in My Moat?

Enduring from the revamping blues. The sweat commonly surpasses the equity. Maybe the Jungle Space is the best idea … you can vacuum the walls. A log cabin calls for no wallpaper.

Top 5 Funniest Excuses Given to Bank Manager

Financial is a severe company. Financial institution managers who seem to be amazing and calm all the time are in fact under a great deal of pressure to satisfy their clients as well as to preserve a healthy and balanced and competitive job atmosphere for their staff member. They are in charge of evaluating and also keeping the conduct, behavior, as well as progress of their team.

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