I TOOK HER DRINK😳🥤 #shorts #prank

Smacking drinks prank by savageshawn

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#shorts #pranks #savageshawn

Survey Says More People Would Vote for Paris Hilton than John Edwards

There is an expression often used with attention and also advertising experts and also that is; All Information is Great Information. Indeed, it shows up that Paris Hilton is a lot more popular than nearly all the Presidential Candidates with the exception of Hilary Clinton, a current study showed. In reality, of all the top celebs as well as politicians only:

A Chick With a Pick

I hesitate to pigeon hole myself politically, however if compelled, I would gladly put myself in the ‘disappointed feminist' box. If I was around in the early component of the twentieth century I ‘d have been greater than pleased to shed bras with the Suffragettes, as it's an actually evil contraption. The bra-burning remains a factor of opinion among the modern collection of men-haters, however the fact that these freedom-fighters went on cravings strike to advertise their cause is a documented truth; although they might have simply intended to lose a little bit of weight in order to …

On Death and Ceramics

The funeral ends up being more enjoyable than one guest expected … till the bushy-browed, fire-spewing minister takes cost. Of Death as well as Ceramics follows the mourner's wandering thoughts as he looks for, as well as locates ideas – in the type of a plan for his own, final disposition.

What Would The Hulk Do?

hilarious opinions and commentary on a camp therapist's guideline guidebook

A Open Letter to My Bank

A disgruntled financial institution consumer grumbles in a “amusing style” concerning present day financial institution plan.

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