Pillow fighting strangers in public !

Did you guys enjoy me pillow fighting people in public? How would you rate my defense skills? LOL.
Comment your thoughts down below! Thanks for watching guys! 100K LIKES AND I DO A PART 2!
Savageshawn is the best pillow fighter in the world!

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Christmas Humor – Chris Kringle Challenged After Class Action Lawsuit on Lead Base Painted Toys

This is a Christmas attorney joke; Santa Claus Corporation is having an awful time as a result of all the unfavorable media reports regarding lead-based paint on playthings. The North Post Firm does deny playthings with this sort of paint, as it makes them in their own factories making use of a bountiful supply of fairies as well as regional polar bears. Nonetheless, parents are informing their youngsters not to order playthings on their Xmas shopping list, as well as this is causing a significant issue since the firm has been developing up its inventory for Christmas, now every person is altering their minds.

9 Tips For Successful Slacking!

Now folks these are my trade keys! Ordinarily you ‘d need to pay for this or I would certainly need to eliminate you or a mix of the two. If you ever want your manager to believe you are functioning relentlessly after that this is right up your alley!

Bumper Sticker Maniac – It's Fun to Get Weird, Part Two

When I informed you I couldn't quit composing bumper sticker labels, I had not been kidding. Right here are a few more for you to contemplate and also value. I wish you'll even compose a few of your own. They are a lot fun and also terrific for your brain. “Bumper-Stickering” is likewise a superb party activity. As soon as once more, enjoy.

Christmas Humor – A Look at the Challenges of Literacy in Our Schools

This is a tough hitting political joke regarding our obstacles with “No youngster left behind” in a Xmas setup. Obviously, the high dropout rates in senior high school are triggering issues around the United States, and in most of the United States areas. Take the North Pole as an example where the failure rate amongst elves is nearly 22%. Santa Claus Inc. is having a very difficult time with simply over 20% of their workforce being illiterate. Mrs. Claus, the firm's human source supervisor mentioned; “If the fairies can't review the directions, we are unable to keep up with our 6 Sigma factory production line objectives for 99.98% excellence.”

Achmed the Dead Terrorist – More Don't-Miss Information About Jeff Dunham, Achmed's Awesome Creator

So, below we present to you the amazing Mr. Jeff Dunham, the male behind some of the craziest things to strike the world in recent times. He is the guy who developed none apart from our Achmed the (incompetent) dead terrorist, one of the silliest, bumbling characters recognized to guy, who, incidentally passed away from a bad dosage of “early detonation”… cough.

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