The SHADY Side of Boosie

Baton Rouge native Torrence Hatch Jr. began his career as Lil Boosie. He has since changed his name to Boosie Badazz, dodged a charge that threatened to put him behind bars for life, and has beaten cancer. But despite all of his accomplishments, his business endeavors, and his questionable title as the Tupac of the South, his determination to turn his life around and inspire others has hit several roadblocks.

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Earthquakes (And the Price of Eggs)

“Love makes the globe go round, money can't get joy, and also what does that involve the rate of eggs?” Today when I duplicate these sayings that are so acquainted to a lot of us, they do not sound as real as they once did. sharifcrish. Names are good. I such as names. Without them we wouldn't recognize when someone was speaking with us, or for that issue, when they were discussing us. If everyone shared the very same name, it would certainly be impossible to spread a report concerning a person. We ‘d find ourselves on both sides of the chatter fence at the same time.

What's In A Name

Inquisitors frequently uncover items of interest from those under questions. A wonderful outfit can displace the emphasis of the query.

Hillary and the Inquisitor

” There she lay among the clutter Killed ‘stone-dead' by peanut butter.” What a dismal epitaph. Visualize having actually those lines written on one's gravestone. Oh the humbleness of everything.

Salmonella Serenade

I have actually found out to endure mess, to function in a house that does not appear like the operating space at our neighborhood healthcare facility. I still tidy sometimes, as needed. As well as of course, you can still consume off my floorings. Just currently you do not require to drop your very own food.

Beware of Falling Dishes

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