The TRUTH About Oprah & Gayle’s Friendship (and THOSE Rumors)

When you think of the most solid BFFs in Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King’s friendship probably comes to mind. They’ve been attached at the hip for decades. Some people think their tight bond is cute, while others think there’s gotta be something strange going on between them.



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A Highland Wedding Proposal

I'm off to see my sweetheart today. Morag McTavish is the light of my life and also anything her little heart needs, she obtains. In the past I've brought her a brand-new collar studded with pink diamonds, a brand-new bone china drinking dish and also a coat of fox fur.

Are You Fully Covered?

My concern to you is “are you totally insured”? Let me first proclaim that I am not working for Prudential, Metlife or similar insurance policy firm so I will not try to market you a policy. Nevertheless I am worried that you may not be covered for all occasions.

What Fun Is All About!

Everybody would certainly agree that over all, a lot of us lead a really demanding way of living, with numerous problems that leave us with a minimum of small depression. Individuals have discovered lots of ways to eliminate a negative mood, or do something that keeps them hectic throughout their leisure or in uncommon cases the moment of monotony. Given that who knows when, lots of have read books or played sports, but as our world was changing, gradually, with every brand-new generation, we have actually enjoyed various other means so we can keep our minds busy. The modern web modern technologies are to thank.

Mirror Neurons and Laughter

Search any university's library and also your sure to find numerous publications on using wit in psychology. Much of these books are very serious in tone as well as clarify humor making use of technical jargon and emotional terms lots of are not familiar with, and also reading this material it becomes clear that frequently speaking about why something is amusing is frequently a proven means to slowly kill the pleasure in discussion. I am extremely wary of this, but am also constantly fascinated by new research study that discusses just how and also why people develop links with wit.

Medical Advancements? Please?

With every one of our innovation, knowledge, understanding, improvement and also development, why is it that we still have to undergo a gloved finger to identify our “wellness”? We placed men on the moon, a vagabond on Mars, a space station and also a telescope in orbit. Isn't it time to put technology to work with something thats down residence?

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