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There you go, even more TikTok Wigofellas PRANKS on MOM videos from your favorite prank videos creator Wigofellas TikTok Pranks but also i have made a lot of Wigofellas PRANKS on Girlfriend recently. Are you here from Wigofellas Pranks Tiktok channel? Well that is my tiktok channel, wigo fellas tiktok and i am sure that you will love my wigofellas youtube channel too! I have made a lot of new videos on my wigo fellas tik tok channel but i am also posting a lot of new pranks 2021 videos here so please subscribe to see my videos faster! Do you guys like wigofellas tik tok videos? Please let me know in the comments because i am always reading the comments. I am making a special video for youtube wigofellas i can't tell you what it is but please stay tuned for that! Also did you know that wigofellas girlfriend alexisfeather is also on youtube? So if you're looking for behind the scenes or even more wigofellas funny pranks and tiktok pranks then please subscribe to her, you're gonna love her channel! Just in case you're new then this is the wigofellas tiktok youtube channel, my only and official youtube channel and i am posting a lot of epic videos! So what are you waiting for? I am always making prank on girlfriend videos and prank on boyfriend videos, which means that we are have a ton of fun here. Also wigofellas sister is making a special video just for you and i don't think you wanna miss it! If you like my tiktok videos and you wanna see even more couple pranks tiktok videos then drop a like! On this channel i am posting my craziest tiktoks and my top tiktok youtube videos, so if you like what i am doing then why not subscribe? Thank you for everything!


Russo and the Twelve Gauge

Back in the very early 60s when I was in high school, my friend, Duane utilized to allow an oily little kid, by the name of Paul Russomano, hang out with us. Paul was always attempting to impress Duane as well as persuade him that he was amazing (something that was really crucial back after that). Paul would certainly try all type of feats to capture our attention and also show his coolness, including some that have to never be pointed out. A lot of them were amusing – and not in a “we're laughing WITH you, Paul” means either.

Hey, That's My Sweater

This short article defines an occasion that just recently happened with my child. I recognized it was coming, but I believed that I had a few years on my side. She wishes to use my clothing as well as nothing is mosting likely to stop her.

Impersonating Famous People

Posing well-known individuals has been around for centuries. Commonly it was the kings as well as queens who were the most impersonated and also generally not in a great light. Although, with the development of Hollywood and also the celebrity personality, this has actually been adhered to with the impersonations of several folks.

Yipes! Barbie Just Turned 50

Barbie, that American icon and apotheosis of continuous young people as well as elegance, simply celebrated her 50th birthday celebration. I “spoke” to her lately in a teleconference established by Mattel, Inc publicist, GI. Joe. It went something like this. Me: Hi, Barbie. Or should I claim ‘Ms. Doll'? Which do you prefer? Barbie: Well, I truly do not have a last name, so Barbie is simply peachy. Me: Great. Barbie, I must state that you look marvelous as you participate in the A.A.R.P. subscription area. How do you do it? Barbie: Why thank you, kind sir. Really, my trick is that I'm 100% non-biodegradable. Plastic stands up really, truly well, you know. Me: Yes, and also speaking of form, your own has been the subject of excellent dispute throughout the years. You've been accused of “creating impractical assumptions of womanhood and also stimulating eating conditions in girls,” according to some sources. Just how do you react to that?

It's Important to Be Able to Laugh at Yourself and Here's Why!

Of program, not each scenario coincides – if you are with a close team of friends that laugh because they have actually discovered your unpleasant artificial genuinely funny, then brighten up and also attempt to see that they aren't laughing in order to make you really feel bad. Giggling is a driving dynamic behind nearly all friendships, and when your face is red simply try to bear in mind that it will certainly soon be somebody else's turn – and that you'll be giggling when that happens! If you can accept your mortification as well as laugh with the others, it'll be neglected quicker. If it isn't, at the very least in future people will laugh with you, rather than at you.

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