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You know what time it is, you're right, TikTok Wigofellas PRANKS on MOM and Wigofellas PRANKS on Girlfriend from your favorite prank creator Wigofellas TikTok PRANKS from TikTok. Wigofellas pranks tiktok is what you guys asked for so here is another video of me doing silly pranks with my family, wigofellas sister alexisfeather and wigo fellas tiktok and wigo fellas tik tok mom. So if you were looking for more wigofellas tik tok videos on wigofellas youtube then this is a beautiful day because i just made a new video just for you! You're new? no worries! I am youtube wigofellas and i am making a lot of wigofellas funny pranks with wigofellas girlfriend alexisfeather and i am always posting my newest tiktok pranks here, so click subscribe and you'll never miss one of my videos again! Wigofellas tiktok youtube is my only channel and here i am posting prank on girlfriend videos and prank on boyfriend videos because i love making these silly couple pranks tiktok videos, so if you like them then please drop a like! I am mostly posting my funny tiktoks here, and my favorite tiktok memes videos that i made, so if you like funny tiktok and funny tiktoks then this is the right youtube channel for you! I'm always making tiktok funny videos so if you wanna laugh and have fun then why not watch my videos? 🙂


Perfect Hypoallergenic Puppy For the Obama White House

The Coton de Tulear is a nonshedding, hypoallergenic pet that would be perfect for the Obama household (or any individual else for that matter). These tiny adorable rare dogs are gentle, affectionate, clever, devoted, very easy going and would be a fantastic enhancement to any family members.

First Dog Barney Bites Reporter at the White House

Though President Shrub has been quite gentlemanly, polite, as well as reserved in his defenses of the widespread press prejudice broadcast virtually daily referring to his management, the same can not be said of First Dog, Barney. Today at the White Residence, Barney attacked a correspondent as the reporter bent to pet him. Barney broke at the hand of the guy and also attracted blood. It's Web page 1 Information!

Thanksgiving – A Holiday For the Birds

Thanksgiving. A wonderful celebration of the Vintage satisfying the New Globe. Exactly how exciting it must have been the day the very first inhabitants tipped foot onto this weird and fantastic world and came in person with the original locals of this interesting brand-new land. Not unlike the Grand Opening of a Walgreens.

Denver Passes Ban on Scottish Terriers

Denver authorities reject being reactionary after a new regulation was pushed with in document time. Less than twenty four hours after the Head of state's pet, Barney Bush, bit Reuter's press reporter Jon Decker the city of Denver, Colorado has outlawed Scottish Terriers, prohibiting them from living within city limitations.

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With the strategy of the Xmas and also New Year season, it is a foregone verdict that individuals will absolutely begin their Christmas buying, their desire checklists, and also most significantly their New Years resolutions. Yet what's amusing concerning the New Years resolution is that is possibly the most damaged pledge in history.

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