Top 10 Actors Who Were Forced To Take Roles They Hated

Top 10 Actors Who Were Forced To Take Roles They Hated
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We’re not always going to love the jobs we have. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures and taking a job that we don't necessarily like can be one of those desperate measures. Celebrities seem to have this problem too. Sometimes actors can get super competitive over movie and tv roles in Hollywood, but other times they're pressured by their team to take certain roles that they're really not interested in. We have a list of actors who know this struggle for you today with the Top 10 Actors Who Were Forced To Take Roles They Hated here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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0:00- Intro
0:24- Channing Tatum
1:23- Mike Meyers
2:37- Jennifer Garner
3:17- Edward Norton
4:05- Keanu Reeves
4:57- Emily Blunt
5:40- Shia LaBeouf
6:25- Natalie Portman
7:31- Daniel Craig
8:23- Jessica Alba

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