Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers With One Interview

Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers With One Interview
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Nowadays, it seems that almost any celebrity is one wrong word away from losing their career. With the publics eyes being ever so watchful waiting for the next big cancellation, sometimes one bad interview is all it takes to tip the scales in favour of a career-ending scandal. From Miles Teller's unkind words to Shia LaBeouf's plethora of horrible actions, we have all these scandalous moments for you today with the Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers With One Interview here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:20- Vincent Gallo
1:30- John Lennon
2:51- Tom Cruise
3:44- Miles Teller
4:37- John Mayer
5:21- Alex Pettyfer
6:20- Shia LaBeouf
7:36- Wilmer Valderrama
8:32- Charlie Sheen
9:23- Megan Fox

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