Top 10 Celebrities Who Had Scandalous Love Affairs

Top 10 Celebrities Who Had Scandalous Love Affairs
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Love affairs are scandalous by nature, but throw in a couple high-profile celebrities and the drama gets even wilder. From years-long affairs being revealed to celebrities being caught in the act, when these messy situations get revealed to the press they will most definitely keep tabloids busy for months to come. Today we have a juicy list of some of these shocking affairs for you with the Top 10 Celebrities Who Had Scandalous Love Affairs here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:23- Marilyn Monroe & John F Kennedy
1:23- Ashton Kutcher & Sara Leal
2:10- Hugh Grant & Elizabeth Hurley
2:54- Tiger Woods & Multiple Women
3:45- Jude Law & Daisy Wright
4:40- Alex Rodriguez & Madonna
5:30- Meg Ryan & Russell Crowe
6:22- Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders
7:12- Jesse James & Multiple Women
8:13- Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

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