Top 10 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For A Normal Life

Top 10 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For A Normal Life
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The life of a celebrity nowadays is no joke. Not only do you have the paparazzi, public, and the media watching you, but now the internet constantly has its eyes on you as well. Many small mistakes can be blown out of proportion and personal lives are nearly impossible to keep private, with all of that considered and more this had lead to many celebrities leaving the industry in pursuit of a calmer life. From Jamie Lynn Spears wanting to raise her family in private to Taylor Momsen having enough of the industry, we have all these stories and more with the Top 10 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For A Normal Life here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:21- Jamie Lynn Spears
1:16- Shirley Temple
1:58- Frankie Muniz
2:38- Taylor Momsen
3:19- Kevin Jonas
4:03- Nikki Blonsky
4:48- Mara Wilson
5:21- Kris Humphries
6:04- Cameron Diaz
6:44- Meghan Markle

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