Top 10 Celebrities Who Passed Away Too Young

Top 10 Celebrities Who Passed Away Too Young
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When celebrities pass away, it can be an extremely challenging time for their family, friends, and their fans. Losing an important figure in one's life will never not be challenging, but when it feels as though it wasn't their time yet it can make it even more difficult to come to terms with. Some celebrities were taken from us too soon, whether it was from medical issues, addictions, or even darker means. We have a list today to honour these stars with the Top 10 Celebrities Who Passed Away Too Young here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen.

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:25- Heath Ledger
1:13- Mac Miller
2:06- Brittany Murphy
3:02- Cameron Boyce
3:55- Selena
4:55- Cory Monteith
5:55- River Phoenix
6:52- Aaliyah
7:48- Avicii
8:43- Amy Winehouse

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