Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Problematic People

Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Problematic People
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Hollywood has no shortage of problematic people, as well as people who support them. You would think that after a scandal fellow celebrities would try to distance themselves as much as they can from any drama, but every once in a while a star will stick by their fellow celeb and the consequences can be grave. Whether they're friends, co-stars, or barely know each other, we have a list of some of these strange instances with the Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Problematic People here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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0:00- Intro
0:25- Bella Thorne
1:28- Bill Gates
2:42- Sharon Osbourne
3:41- Roseanne Barr
4:33- Chrissy Teigan
5:54- Chris Rock
6:51- Andrew Rannells
7:50- Winston Marshall
8:56- James Charles
9:49- Kim Kardashian

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