Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Fired After Asking For More Money

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Fired After Asking For More Money
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Even though it may seem otherwise, celebrities aren't perfect. They make mistakes and bad decisions, and surprisingly they can even disappoint on the job! When a celebrity starts to grow too big a big head and demand more money, executives sometimes pull the plug on their careeres. That's why today we've compiled a list of the celebs who were fired from roles after asking for a raise and some who were even blacklisted from Hollywood. These are the Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Fired After Asking For More Money here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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0:00- Intro
0:16- Hilary Duff
1:04- Kirstie Alley
1:48- Crispin Glover
2:36- Bruce Willis
3:12- Marcus Chong
3:52- Sean Connery
4:36- Maggie Rhee
5:12- Suzanne Somers
5:58- Terrence Howard
6:40- Robert Duvall

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