Top 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Who Need To Be Stopped – Part 2

Top 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Who Need To Be Stopped – Part 2
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Celebrity plastic surgeons are often some of the best in the business, but when stars seek out transformations from less than reliable surgeons it can be a recipe for disaster. From un-approved methods and products to botched procedures, these celebs have had work done by surgeons that NEED to be stopped. These are the Top 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Who Need To Be Stopped – Part 2 here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:21- Farrah Abraham
1:32- Carrot Top
2:50 – Courteney Cox
3:52- Wayne Newton
4:45- Lil' Kim
5:37- Amanda Lepore
6:31- Barry Manilow
7:30- Lisa Rinna
8:20- La Toya Jackson
9:05- Janice Dickinson

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