Top 10 Celebrity Scandals Caught On Camera | Marathon

Top 10 Celebrity Scandals Caught On Camera | Marathon
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Celebrities are constantly under the watchful eye of the public and media, and all of their mistakes and bad moments are magnified and open to scrutiny due to their fame. Every once in a while these celebs will be caught in the act, with their less than glamorous moments being recorded and posted online for the world to judge. He have a juicy compilation of some of these wild stories for you today with the Top 10 Celebrity Scandals Caught On Camera | Marathon here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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Welcome to Top 10 Beyond The Screen! We cover all the latest trending celebrity news and gossip from Hollywood and across the world. We talk about The Kardashians, The Biebers, Ellen DeGeneres, and more, as well as discuss the latest blockbuster and Netflix movie release.

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Pranks – The Good, the Bad and the Neutral

Pranking can be a great deal of fun if carried out in a risk-free as well as fun manner – it is without a doubt an art too. There are a great deal of pranks that can be done yet it gets interesting sufficient only if you are extremely imaginative in doing so.

Victor, Victoria, Victorious

Resting, staring right into room and drinking excellent coffee are 3 of my very favorite activities that I habitually combine into a particular act of mimicing a work of study in still life. During one of my recent episodes of eyeballing area on a sunny balcony in Valletta in Malta, I happened to fix my stare on a remarkable statuary of Queen Victoria. Lots of thoughts passed with my mind concerning the days of the Realm, British marine supremacy and cucumber sandwiches.

How to Cure Fomo

Fomo is a fairly unknown yet extremely typical disease that contaminates several tourists in nearly every nation of the globe. Left untreated Fomo can bring about undesirable physical results consisting of increased anxiousness, rest deprival, irrational behavior, cold sweats, and also clinical depression. Discover what FOMO is as well as just how to treat it in this humorous article.

Why Santa Needs Travel Insurance

With the biggest plaything factory worldwide, an army of elves and a red velour fur-trimmed fit, it appears that Santa has everything he might possibly want for Christmas. However, if Mrs. Claus intended to get him something actually useful after that she couldn't go awry with a low-cost traveling insurance coverage. Here are five extremely great reasons for Santa to obtain insurance policy prior to heading out on Xmas Eve:

Quoth the Vasectomy Doctor, – “Nevermore”

This is an amusing write-up describing, in a really amusing way, the horrors that a birth control individual experiences. It isn't likely to terrify any individual off from a birth control as well as it will likely have him poking fun at the entire concept.

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