Top 10 Celebrity Scandals That Will Change Your Opinion Of Them Forever

Top 10 Celebrity Scandals That Will Change Your Opinion Of Them Forever
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There are many celebrities in Hollywood that do a good job of playing the part of a kind, honest person. But in reality, many of them are harboring dark secrets. From James Franco's disturbing fan interactions to Jussie Smollett lying for publicity, we have these and more shocking celebrity stories with the Top 10 Celebrity Scandals That Will Change Your Opinion Of Them Forever here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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0:00- Intro
0:24- James Franco
1:17- Jussie Smollett
2:15- Arnold Schwarzenegger
3:10- Chris Brown.
4:01- Shane Dawson
4:51- James Charles
5:44- Matt Lauer
6:45- Harvey
7:44- Allen
8:42- Bill

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