Top 10 Celebrity Scandals You Never Knew About | Marathon – Part 2

Top 10 Celebrity Scandals You Never Knew About | Marathon – Part 2
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The eyes of the public are constantly watching what celebs do, and when it comes to celebrity news there is definitely no shortage of scandals. Almost all celebrities have faced the wrath of the tabloids at least once in their careers, and these celebs had some wild scandals that they tried and failed to keep on the DL. We have another shocking marathon video for you today filled with juicy scandals, so here are the Top 10 Celebrity Scandals You Never Knew About | Marathon – Part 2 right here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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TV As a Friend

Television is typically referred to as being an all pervasive taboo, or words to that effect. A mindless, brain-decaying medium emitting social as well as social disintegration. The authenticity and also objective of much TV content is constantly disputed as well as complained around as well as commented on. Every one has a complaint it appears!

Satire – Repentance

Repentance is such a filled term, also in today's evidently nonreligious, ‘forward-thinking' society. So, allow's remove the gloves for a minute and also discuss our remorseful sensations in a somewhat extra humoros tone; watch out, Fatherspirit and also His religious laughfest have actually arrived!

I Am Oprah-phobic

Thankfully I can speak concerning the return of Monday Evening Football on the exact same day that I can discuss Oprah's new period start. My partner is equally as thrilled about the return of the last as I am concerning the return of the previous. That being stated I have to admit that I do once in a while watch Oprah.

See Improvisational Comedy at its best by Brian Bradley

Orlando indigenous as well as UCF grad Brian Bradley is one performer who damages down the wall in between the audience and also the phase. It is tough to categorize, Bradley he incorporates acting, traditional stand-up comedy and improvisation flawlessly in every program.

Snow White and the Seven Little Boys

School days come and college days go … however we desired to make this one unique for the kids and also their parents. So we, the team of this little institution in a remote corner of India determined to organize “Snow White as well as the 7 Dwarfs.”

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