Top 10 Halloween Costumes That Got Celebrities Cancelled

Top 10 Halloween Costumes That Got Celebrities Cancelled
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Halloween is a time to dress up, have fun, and go out, but some celebrities tend to take it a bit too far. In this episode of Beyond the Screen we are taking a look at the Top 10 Halloween Costumes That Got Celebrities Cancelled.

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:35- Kylie Jenner
1:38- Heidi Klum
2:51- Ashley Tisdale
3:37- Paris Hilton
4:43- Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh
5:41- Lily Allen
6:51- Colton Haynes
7:48- The Chainsmokers
8:53- Chris Brown
9:48- Julianne Hough

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