Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments | Marathon – Part 2

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments | Marathon
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Life is full of embarrassing moments, and celebrities are not immune to this. The worst part is that with cameras and the public attention always on them, these cringey moments become immortalized for the world to see and laugh at. Whether you're watching this video to feel better about something mortifying that happened to you, or you're just in the mood for a good laugh, we have all the embarrassing celebrity tea for you with the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments | Marathon here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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Proudly Fueled by High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup remains in almost whatever, particularly soft drinks, yet likewise millions of other foodstuff. And also, I for one, am grateful. Its sickeningly pleasant goodness is number 2 on my list of all-time favored things. I obtained a craving for sweets the size of Texas as well as I'm dang pleased with it. As well as when she begins calling, I answer.

I Enjoy Being a Broke Former Member of the Middle Class

There's nothing wrong with being damaged. Numerous of us are currently.

Federal & State Governments Will Begin Paying Tax Refunds in Lottery Tickets and Gaming Chips

How terrific an idea is that?! Have the Feds and the states pay tax reimbursements in your choice of lottery tickets or pc gaming chips. That would certainly give us all wish for the future! We show up to have absolutely no opportunity of boosting our stations in life as it is, so why not simply get it over with as well as bet away our tax refunds similarly Government and state governments have already gambled away everything else we've paid to save their companions on Wall Road as well as Corporate America?

Why Oil Spills Are Good For Us

Why are oil spills helpful for us? Jobs, silly. It takes a great deal of people to cleanse off birds and an entire lotta various other tainted things. Plus, there are currently way a lot of birds and sea life as a whole. A couple of much less birds and plankton never hurt anyone. And also all that underwater life: That cares regarding something that doesn't influence you directly? And also, like we do not already have beaucoup fish and also plants down there where we really can not see 'em anyhow. Unseen, out of mind. Nothing wrong keeping that.

Wall Street Hires Market Psychiatrist

The Stock Market has turned into one of one of the most hugely irregular entities ever seen. That's why I provide massive kudos for employing a Market Psychoanalyst.

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