Top 10 Reality TV Shows You Didn’t Know Were Fake | Marathon

Top 10 Reality TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Fake | Marathon
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Reality TV has become increasingly popular over the years, with what is supposed to be unscripted television giving us an insight into the personal lives of contestants or the rich and famous. However, some reality shows aren't as authentic as they're made out to be. Often times producers will insert themselves into the scenario to incite drama and to get the outcome they want out of the show. We have all these shocking reality tv show truths for you today with the Top 10 Reality TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Fake | Marathon here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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Welcome to Top 10 Beyond The Screen! We cover all the latest trending celebrity news and gossip from Hollywood and across the world. We talk about The Kardashians, The Biebers, Ellen DeGeneres, and more, as well as discuss the latest blockbuster and Netflix movie release.

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Five Extremely Funny Life Quotes to Make You Laugh

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