Top 10 Reasons Hollywood Won’t Hire Lea Michele

Top 10 Reasons Hollywood Won't Hire Lea Michele
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Lea Michele was recently exposed in 2020 for being terrible to work with. There were also allegations that she had been discriminatory and a bully to a handful of her past coworkers. Prior to this cancellation, some celebrities tried to give us the heads-up about Lea's nasty behavior but many of us didn't listen. But now it seems that her actions have caught up with her, and the industry is starting to snub Lea. We have a list of even more of the reasons why they have with the Top 10 Reasons Hollywood Won't Hire Lea Michele here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:53- Her Wickedness
2:02- The Living Hell
2:50- Being Unpleasant
3:28- Being Disrespectful
4:27- The Dictator
5:05- The R*cism
5:44- The Drama
6:34- The Attitude Problem
7:10 Background Actors
8:13- The Lookalike

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