Top 10 Reasons Hollywood Won’t Hire Wendy Williams

Top 10 Reasons Hollywood Won't Hire Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams is extremely famous and well-known for many different things. She is a long-time talk show host, media personality, and an extremely outspoken individual. Over the years she has made headlines for taking “jokes” way too far and for many offensive comments. Now we're looking back at some of Wendy's worst moments throughout the years. These are the Top 10 Reasons Hollywood Won't Hire Wendy Williams here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:30- Britney Controversy
1:43- Gender Roles
2:58- Shading Lizzo
4:08- Wendy VS Nicki Minaj
5:06- Parenting Advice
6:04- Vocal Coach?
6:59- Beef With Tupac
7:36- Method Man
8:16- Aaliyah Biopic
9:04- Transphobic Comment

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