Top 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models In Hollywood

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models In Hollywood
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Being a role model in the industry can be tough. With many people looking up to you, especially young fans, it's a task that requires a lot of responsibility. However often times there are celebrities who aren't cut out to be role models that many people look up to anyway, and this can have dire consequences. From bad behavior and controversial actions and so much more, these stars really need to clean up their acts for their fans' sake. These are the Top 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models In Hollywood here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:26- Lea Michele
1:22- Shia Labeouf
2:32- Chrissy Teigen
3:20- Kim Kardashian
4:12- David Dobrik
5:06- Da Baby
5:58- Chris Brown
6:59- Chris D'Elia
8:01- Justin Timberlake
9:04- Justin Bieber

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